And great deal of it – more than I have ever seen…

Rosemary Bluebell

A fascinating premise, with loads of originality and plenty of potential. We get a good journeying plot, and again the author makes much of the very unique and creative premise with the ability make plants appear (neat!) It’s a light read, quickly done, and satisfying in its flow. That said, worth your time.

Sharon Naylor Toris – bestselling author of over 35 wedding books

A fascinating read and an original piece of writing. The book takes you through a journey which can very much resemble your own, and contains nuggets of wisdom for the reader to ponder upon. Recommended.

The writing style is a bit different and difficult to understand. But after that it was simple and really fast to finish. I really enjoyed how different this story was.


The authors descriptive writing was exceptionally attractive in terms of the characters, scenery and plants. The lexical substance and selection of words are not for the average reader, but I did manage to glide over the story. That said, I wanted more from the ending so I am hoping for a prequel or a sequel!



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La inspiración existe, pero tiene que encontrarte trabajando – Picasso