Rosemary Bluebell


A pendant kept close to her father’s heart is a way out

Rosemary sets out on a journey in order to avoid her father, only to bring him back to life with the help that she receives from her mother who had initially passed on to a different conscious dimension.

What do you think, ay?!

Stop sucking on that thought for a moment – not enough of that poison has gone in yet…

In my debut novella, you’ll read through the darkness closing in on two friends; now the music filling their nights, hung over scenic coastal towns and villages, dreams in waves of poetry. And this time the laughter is not gone long.

The Most Beautiful Flower

Also, I’m never one to shy away from being blatantly honest. There are several fine books out there such as The Metamorphosis. Rosemary Bluebell is as oily smooth and her pride, youth and strength could stir you down to a memorable trip over just an hour’s read without strain.

Now look down. The dark is almost in. Then this whisper comes in, “I give thanks to Him, who has given me this treasure and now I pass it on to you…” 

This scorpion sting does have a curious effect! I think the poison will attack within the hour.

The Most Beautiful Flower

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The Most Beautiful Flower

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