Ways To Come Back: Wider Views With Hadi Atallah

Ours is a God that awaits so who am I not to await? We are able to focus on a successful scenario of our lives for life is not a problem to be solved but an experience to be lived. Great people do not have a career, they have a mission. And if you are an owner of a pulse, then you are qualified.

There is something in this universe rather than nothing. Even if it is all made up in my mind. There is still something. And whatever that is I am going to trust it. There is something going on. This could’ve been nothing – no universe. But there is experience. We can call it God. And we do not always understand it. Often times we can enter into our heads an idea of how things should be. We can really be upset and traumatized that they did not turn up how I wanted them to be. But as life unfolds and processes these horrible experiences. We move on. And when we are on our game it is like the path could not have been richer. And the challenges created new dimensions of growth and experience. We have to be strong enough to be grateful. And it’s not easy.

Stay disciplined and focused. If you are not hard on yourself then the world will be. You may be judged, challenged, evaluated and criticized, but if you try to understand it instead as something you are doing right now before you come to a resolution at the end, you will feel more comfortable giving this discipline the process its due. 

Knowledge gives you power. Character gives you respect.

Often it is the most challenging and critical ideas that have the germ of the best ones. Conflict, even intense conflict, is not the enemy of good social order but is an engine of a better social order. Just like the weaver’s loom holding the tension of threads on which the fabric of good society keeps getting woven and rewoven. Tension opens new doors for the heart in terms of humanity and compassion.

An enhanced set of systematic behaviours would increase your productivity. It is not the one thing that pulls you out of depression; it is consistency and modern aid. Leveraging both can often make the evolution easier, faster and more productive. We all do need to go through some sort of suffering in order to glean the information that we need to create something that transcends us. That is better than your daily reality. Going through this often gives people an experience that is in need of a catalyst. The logical sequence of things to do, makes it easy as possible. Sometimes just one good trick can make it worthwhile. Eliminate craving. Suffering is not the root of all desires but craving. And there is a difference between craving and goals. Liberation could be an example of a goal. Not getting what you want and having an imbalance becomes a craving. So maintain the balance and self-reflect for it to remain a goal.

There is no ideal time frame and implementing the full process can take up to a lifetime. The bad news is you are free falling and there is no parachute, nothing to hang on to. The good news is there is no ground under you so just relax. Relax does not mean sleep, it means to be with or allow. And the first rule of magic is containment. Without the container, there is no magic. And you will want to establish meaning. Do not settle down for answers. But hold out for meaning. Find out who you are and find delight in it. It is not about getting better, it’s about discovering your truth. That is meaningful. You know who you are. No one can touch you. You get a sense of confidence and health.

Furthermore, we always know we are close to our true mission on earth when what we are doing is touched with the energy of enthusiasm. Use God’s strength to quieten the mind. And train the mind to see the beautiful. The ultimate is beautiful. God is beautiful. It is not the belief systems that make you happy but the practices you engage in such as social circles, mindfulness and gratitude. The environment must be supportive to impact behaviour even more. 

As we go along, we are likely to dance between what we are used to and evaluate any possibilities. Moment-to-moment thinking is challenging enough. Concern should drive you into action and not into a depression. We are going to do it even if we feel anxious. We do not have to do everything right. But if we do get some things right, then life becomes more meaningful. 

Avoid premature cognitive commitment. It is where we decide without thinking and jump to conclusions. It could be conclusions about ourselves. Stop taking shortcuts, particularly shortcuts that would hinder what we want to be. Most professionals have some sort of central tool, which needed to be integrated with a much more comprehensive system. The central tool is called Gratitude. Commitments that always relate to every day. If you think that stress is harmful. It becomes more harmful. And believe that you can change but be realistic about how much you are willing to disrupt your current actions. The transformation in gratitude is inevitably dramatic.

Gratitude is the acknowledgement of what is. Being fully present and very intentional. It is not only about being appreciative or grateful but also incorporates presence about ‘what is.’ Not in judgement or criticism but around the pure objectivity of what is here and now. Live in the present moment. Do not recycle past memories so that you do not colour the ‘what is’ in the present. Grounding ourselves in the present moment objectively around ‘what is’ allows us to expand towards the feeling of appreciation. 

Whatever you need to do to get your gratitude standardized, do it. Eat less. Exercise more. Work more efficiently and live a healthier life. Don’t work on your life. But make the most out of it. Go out and do stuff in the material world without forgetting the transcendental. Own the morning and the rest follows. What you resist persists. Do things without the lusts and desires for results, and to be efficient we should learn from the past.

Because this could be so voluminous and the results often been phenomenal, there is one more thing we need to do to make it maximally effective: value peace over people’s opinions. It is helpful to have a sense of the volume of stuff we have to deal with, yet we do not bend ourselves into a pretzel so that they could eat us. In other words, sometimes things develop naively and we go against the grain because it is an agenda for the unconscious.

Ultimately we would be eliminating parts of our past selves. These temporary internal and external conditions can cause the ego to lose energy and once it loses energy, any number of things could happen, and we become much more vulnerable to our complexes, which Carl Jung called ‘abysmal.’ The whopping down of ego capacity. And when the ego drops down sometimes if we are lucky, we can connect with unconscious content that then facilitates a new sunrise. That is something golden we have discovered in the night. If we take melancholy as some temperament, the idea is that some people run into ‘gloaming’ because they are convinced that there is gold in the darkness. Somehow they just know that. And perhaps they don’t even have to be forced to go into the darkness, but they plunge into it. And so often they do bring gold out, with a kind of confidence that other sunnier temperance might not have. So they do brood over their loves and losses and conditions in the world and life. But they often do bring back a perspective that is exquisite in one way or another. 

If that is so, best deal with this immediately so you could get it off your mind. Create whatever support you need. A wise mind does not know fear. It is compassionate. And compassion is not about being nice, it is about being awake. Have beloved belonging and not beloved behaving. And the highest form of sanctity is to live in hell and not lose hope. It sounds deeply admirable but deeply difficult. Hope is in being faithful, and not in being successful. Don’t align hope with outcomes. Cherish with every breath and relaxed control.

There are key ingredients for relaxed control: Learn to work harder on yourself than your job. Trust in God. Love others. Grace and mercy for the Self. Don’t be committed to living or dying but to the highest unfolding, and to welcome this is the highest spiritual practice. Our minds go through steps to accomplish relaxed control and eliminate the knots. Once we have identified this vision, will our minds be crowded? That is a knot!

The knot of the mind untangles itself in space. There is something so essential. We want love, wisdom (insight,) creative self-expression or to innovate. Those things all have one thing in common. We receive them. We cannot transmit or will them into existence. We cannot Will love into existence.  But if we relax, and make space, the inside arises. The best examples are sleep and taking a shower. Meditation practices are also practices where we can relax or be comfortable in that space of receptivity. There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness and truth.

Conclusively, if we attempt to come up with a good thought before consciously planning to relax, then the thought is artificial. Have a light grasp on things. Seek non-attachment. Receive people, service is the hallway and kinship is the ballroom. This is where we are headed. There is no us and them. Eliminate the illusion of distance. We want to bridge the distance. The fewer desires we have. The richer we are. The more powerful we are. And the goal is not to get to heaven. The goal is to create a community of beloved belonging who imagine a circle of compassion. And imagine nobody standing outside the circle. Nobody separating us.

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