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Words seem to strengthen human experience and see this light of burning. And the shadows stand side by side watching for a long time. Such is the methodology and ability to mess everything up.

Our mission is to consider your moments and our vision is to give them theories and ideas.

Services include:

  1.  Web content
  2.  Social media content
  3.  Literary criticism
  4.  Proofreading and editing
  5.  Providing a private setting from which to operate

The Other Man

Break bones, but never hearts. Or else, do murder but never do love, for it is not good to let an inferior Self be seen beside a beauty.

As your dream unfolds at last; it will be as shiny as a rifle. Hard but not cruel, like the wind drifting the dust of the city like snow.

Look then for moments in you. For things of value and simple curiosity. We come from miles around to drink from little pools – we all come to drink and share stories.

There always is momentary light before we drift into the darkness once more. But the moon will rise in a few moments now, and the sun settling toward the western mountains.

What is left is a deep impression on those who imagine such things. And when this settles, then tell me more…!

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Mostly everything we write has been already written, but we would love to explain them our way, with our stories, in our language. We aim to touch our clients and readers in such a way that they learn and take action by becoming solution seekers and dreamers in their space. Writing is boundless and with time, it becomes more refined. This results in better people, better professionals, better communicators and better societies.

Best wishes only so long as you are not in danger or discomfort from the current pandemic and more.

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Je vous souhaite d’être follement aimée – André Breton